A cooperative lifestyle

effort and enthusiasm

The “Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza de Productores del Campo” (The Andalusian Cooperative Society of Rural Producers) it’s a story about effort, enthusiasm
and respect for our environment and for the products of proven quality. Born in 1942, the forward-looking spirit and the collaborative aproach of its founders have led to sustainable growth through the strategic diversification of different productive areas.

We currently have 563 partners and 443 collaborative partners that work with affection more than 9.000 hectares of different crops, highlighting citrus, stone fruits, corn, winter cereals, cotton, sunflower and horticultural. New cultivated fields with persimmons and almonds have recently been introduced.

Within “La Cooperativa”, there is a dedicated section that produces and markets fruit called “Alcafruit” OPC 517.

Alcafruit is currently formed by more than 120 partners that wisely produces, using the Guadalquivir waters, which is possibly the best fruit of the region, with more than 1.000 hectares under the sun of Seville.


The best farmers together

farming with care, dedication and respect for the environment

We crop more than 30 million kilos, the main products cultivated by farmers of ALCAFRUIT are basically oranges and mandarins. Besides there is also a growing production of persimmons and Stone fruits like peaches, nectarines, paraguayas, apricots and plums.

ALCAFRUIT has commited itself to produce in a eco-friendly way. Certifiying most part of their production, mainly oranges and persimmons.

Following ALCAFRUIT’s respect for the environment commitment, a production line with ZERO-WASTE is being developed in oranges, persimmons and stone fruits called VARIETAL CALENDAR.


Finca "Las Arenas"

fields for testing and developing our varieties and Technologies

Alcafruit has a farm that is dedicated to the experimentation of new varieties of citrus and stone fruits, as well as different types of management in pruning, watering, weed control, etc… This farm is currently planted with Tango tangerines and Nadorcott tangerines but the I+D+i of our company does not end in that farm.

Once the product enters the warehouse, we test the behavior of the  product in the different conditions to which it can be subjected in the stores for the durability of the commercial life of the product.


Technical and Quality Department

Agricultural engineers, highly qualified to carry out the management of the crop at minimum cost to achieve the maximum quality of our product

All our partners are advised for the integrated management of the crop (fertilizer, irrigation, pruning, phytosanitary treatment, herbicides…) by a powerful team of specialized technicians in citrus and other fruits, that always focusing in the guidelines on the commercial needs of the product.

Each farm has a close monitoring of:

Phytosanitary Products degradation curve control.

Waste analysis: Reduce the number of active substances in crop residues.

Calibration tracking.

The product is tested

to provide each customer with the quality they deserve

Before the product is collected, all farms are subjected to the necessary analysis and tests to verify that the products are suitable for the market. In the case of citrus, tests are performed for color, Brix, % juice and Maturity Index. For Stone fruits and persimmons, tests are performed for color, Brix and penetrometry. Depending on the test results, fruit sizes and external quality, the farms and their products are classified for the destination where their products will be marketed.

The Quality Department monitors the growers with:

Quality controls and weight checking.

Trade life control.


All our products carry traceability per unit of sale.

Our certificates are:


Ethically production and marketing

ensuring continuous improvement in food safety

The fruit and vegetable warehouse of ALCAFRUIT currently has two production lines, which allows us to adapt to the customers demands. For citrus we mainly have a production line equipped with the latest technology systems, to guarantee the quality standards necessary for each order, packing our fruits in the different existing formats, according to the requirements of each different market.


We export our fruits

to the antipodes of the world














José Palmer

Management / Commercial Department

Rocío Soriano

Quality Manager

Mª Dolores Vera

Production Manager / Sales

Mª Ángeles García

Quality Department / Manufacture

Inmaculada Gallardo

Accounting Department / Business Consultant

Mari García

Accounting Department

José Mari Castillo

Logistics Department


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41200 · Alcalá del Río · SEVILLA · SPAIN · Tel. 954 780 810